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Sat,Apr 13,2019 at 7:00am Fargo Meltdown

Monday Mar 18,2019

Happy Birthday Avare
Gymversary NF32-5
Welcome Cassy & Lonie & Nicole F


1k row  
Then 4 rounds of  
5 strict pullups or 10 ring rows, 10 pushups, 15 air squats

Emom 10-  
3 deadlifts - 1.5x bodyweight for men, 1x bodyweight for women  
Scale weight as needed  

20:00 time cap  
10 rounds for time  
5 pullups  
10 single dumbell hang clean and jerk 50/35  
250m row

Alternate hands on clean

100% 0%
1st20:00Lauren Today!
Rebecca S Today!
Lonie Today!
Melodie Today!
Nicole F Today!
Marina Today!
Lynn Today!
Jessica N Today!
Leah H Today!
Erica Today!
1st20:00 Jerm Today!
Pat Today!
Jed Today!
Joe A Today!
Greg S Today!
2nd18:56Matthew B Today!
3rd20:00Aaron I Today!
Craig Today!
JEFF P Today!
Gary Today!
James S Today!
Mitch Today!
James G Today!

Travis FiDnf  Not Rx
Lauren20:00  7
Leah H20:00  7+110
Matthew B18:56  Scaled
Mitch20:00  7
Jessica N20:00  7+15
Jerm20:00 Rx 8+12
James S20:00  8+5
Lynn20:00  8
Marina20:00  9+10
Nicole F20:00  Yes
Melodie20:00  7+15
Jed20:00 Rx 7+255
Joe A20:00 Rx 8+4
Lonie20:00  6+15
Rebecca S20:00  8
Gary20:00  7+125
Carrie WAlt  Row
Tanya BAlt  10k
Erica20:00  7+19 jpu
JEFF P20:00  7+15 lowbar pu, #30
Craig20:00  7+15 rr, #25
Greg S20:00 Rx 8+3
Pat20:00 Rx 8+155
Aaron I20:00  7+10 #35
James G20:00  8 rr
Leah SAlt  Alt WOD
Jamie SchuAlt  Row
GYSAAlt Rx 67 - 19.4
Brittany SAlt Rx 66 - 19.4
NF32Alt Rx 84 - 19.4
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Melissa M 7:30am
Oooh no one finished under the time cap!  It’s on!!
Leah H 7:42am
Good Luck!  :)   NEVER MISS A MONDAY!!

James S 10:39am
You got this Mel!

Matthew B 11:57am
Excuse me!!!!  I believe I did!

Jerm 12:10pm

Melissa M 1:24pm
OK you’re right Matthew! My bad my bad😉

Lynn 1:36pm