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Fri,Jan 25,2019 at 6:30pm A Night At the Ball

Sat,Feb 9,2019 at 9:00am Frozen Ox 5K

Wednesday Jan 23,2019


Rock paper scissors game- 2 or 3 rounds. Losing team each round has to do 15 burpees  

Strength: 10- 5-3-2-5-10  
Deadlift from slight deficit  

18 min amrap  
250m row  
10 pullups
30 double unders  
5 Handstand pushups  

treat this as cardio and just move the whole time

100% 0%
1st4+272 Melissa M Today!
2nd6+28NF32 Today!
3rd5+250Rebecca S Today!
1st5+50 Tyler H Today!
2nd4+1 Travis Fi Today!
3rd4 Jerm Today!

MelissaB Scaled
Linda R Scaled
Kayla K Scaled
Jennifer P5+160  Scaled
Jessica N5+115  Scaled
James S Scaled
Lynn Low bar PU box HSPU
Pat5+255  Jpu
Melodie4+295  Lowbar
NF326+28  Push press
Rebecca S5+250  Scaled
Gary5+252  Scaled
Melissa M4+272 Rx
Travis Fi4+1 Rx
Rob MAlt  Mod
Alex HAlt  WOD
Mandy4+28  Low bar PU box HSPU
Carrie W4+256  Rr, singles, pike
Missy4+253  Rr, singles, pike
Tyler H5+50 Rx 2:39 grace
Craig4+275  Scaled
Brittany S5+3  Rr last round
Mark C3+1  Modified
Anna IAlt  #85 Grace 6:45
Ali5+180  Singles, kpu
Doug T Great job!
SaultyAlt  Romwod, deadlifts
Results Posted: 29